Take back your day. Get a professional assistant for as little as $129/month.

No interviews or intensive training. Get access to a pre-trained assistant for a low monthly rate with a few clicks.

The benefits of hiring a full time assistant,
without the drawbacks.

Real People

You'll be matched with a pre-trained assistant who will quickly become a close ally. If it isn't a fit, we'll pair you with someone else, and if your assistant is out you'll have a backup who's trained on your account.

Unlimited Tasks

You can requests as many tasks as you'd like at any given time. On most days, we'll work through a few normal sized tasks. As additional tasks go into your queue, you can work with your assistant to prioritize them.

An easy Way to manage Requests

You can manage & submit tasks by contacting your assistant or through our online portal. Our portal also allows you to work with your assistant to prioritize tasks.

We Work On Your Terms

We work from 8am-5pm Central Time, and can communicate with you on most major communication platforms.

Add users to your Account

We allow you to add unlimited users such as your team, significant other, or a friend to your account!

Low Prices

Since we are able to dedicate one assistant to multiple clients, we can keep prices low for everyone while you get everything you need quickly. It's a win, win!

We Help You free up Your time so you can Focus On What Matters Most.

We believe that when you hand off repetitive & manual tasks to a professional, it helps you focus on moving forward. Whether it’s thinking of creative ways to generate more revenue, coming up with your next product line, reading, or simply spending more time with family, we’re here to help you take as much as we can off your plate.

We Can handle It All

Need help purging your inbox and keeping it clean? Or do you need to book your next vacation and get the details on the calendar? Maybe you need to find that last minute gift you forgot about. Whatever the case may be, we’ve got you covered.

Over 15 Tasks

Your assistant is already trained on over 15 of our most common tasks. If they're not trained on it we'll pick up quickly

We've Got A Plan For Everyone.

Plans are now 50% off for the first month of your subscription! All plans come with a 14-day satisfaction guarantee so if you aren’t in love with us within 14 days of signing up just write us and we’ll issue a full refund!


$ 64
50 First Month
  • ​Travel Planning
  • ​Subscription Audits & Management
  • ​Calendar Management
  • Research
  • Shopping
  • Reminders
  • Meal Planning


$ 249
50 First Month
  • Everything in Hobbyist
  • Email Management
  • Paperwork
  • File Management
  • Data Entry
  • Transcription
  • Custom Tasks


$ 399
50 First Month
  • Everything in Professional
  • Weekly check-in with your assistant via phone
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Slide & Report Preperation
  • Proofreading
  • Project Management

Frequently Asked Questions

We take privacy & security very seriously. All request are processed through a Virtual Private Network, and are complete using the Brave browser which puts security & privacy first. 

When it comes to sharing sensitive information such as passwords or credit card numbers, you can add us to your existing password & information manager and control what we see. Alternatively, your sensitive information will be stored in our secure password manager with limited access. 

Once you signup, you can either answer a few questions to help us get to know you or an onboarding specialist can hop on the phone with you. We will use your answers to find someone from our team who would be the perfect fit for you. If for whatever it isn’t a fit, just let us know and we will pair you with someone else. 

Nope! You pay month to month. Cancel anytime by emailing support@daytodayaid.com.

If you aren’t satisfied within 14 days of your initial purchase just email support@daytodayaid.com and we will issue you a full refund.

As a general rule of thumb, we handle one task at a time. So, if you have 5 tasks in the queue, and we average two tasks a day on your specific account, you would see each of those get completed one after another.

More or less, your daily point of contact/assistant will handle the majority of your tasks. However, if they are busy, out of the office, or the task requires a specialist, they will pass it off to somebody else on our team. As a general rule of thumb, all communication with your contacts will be handled by your primary assistant, and you will only need to communicate with one person.

A custom task is really anything administrative related that’s not explicitly included in a plan! Unfortunately, however, we can not offer any creative tasks at this time; this includes web design, graphic design, voiceovers, video editing, etc. We can, however, offer basic audio editing. Additionally, we can not offer wide-scale call answering, outbound calls, or customer service, without working out a case by case exception. A custom task cannot be anything included in a higher plan.

It’s also to important to note, that we are trained on every task explicitly listed in plans, however, we are not trained on custom tasks. Your assistant will be as self sufficient as possible, but may need you to point them in the right direction. 

Feel free to email us at support@daytodayaid.com, use the chat button on this website, give us a call at +1 (515) 446 9624, or book a demo with us.